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Blufpartners’s main objective is to promote BlufVPN and transform the internet into a safer place for all of us. VPNs are essential for guaranteed security and anonymity online and we want to make sure as many people as possible know about what they can do to protect their identity.

We at Blufpartners are open to any sort of promotion you might want to incorporate to reach your audience, which is why you won’t find too many requirements for what you can do with this promotion. Another reason for this approach is that we believe that letting our affiliates’ creativity take the lead will give us the most exciting and engaging material. But we also want to do our part to make the process easier for affiliates. So here are some tips on how to promote BlufVPN.

Use Our Resources


We don’t want to constrict you with too many rules, which is why there are virtually none when it comes to how you can promote the BlufVPN. Although to take out the hard work of creating engaging pictures for something as abstract as a VPN, we have made multiple resources available for the affiliates. This includes our VPN characters that can help you paint the picture better. How you use it is up to you but we know that VPN isn’t the easiest subject to materialize so while you get involved in the process however you feel like and write up an amazing copy for a post, you will have these graphics to fall ready to go.

Although if you have the skills to come up with unique designs and unique pictures – all the power to you! These characters are here to make life easier for you and it is not required for you to use them. At the end of the day, your creativity is what we are hoping to see through this campaign.

Use Multiple Platforms

You may have a larger following on some social media platforms compared to others, but don’t feel constricted to using just one of them to promote BlufVPN. While you may reach more people through one domain, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t many internet security enthusiasts on other platforms that could benefit from knowing about VPNs and how to get one for their own devices.

You can repurpose your campaign or post for various websites, we don’t have any limits on that either. We don’t expect our affiliate to create unique posts for each platform, although if it is something you would enjoy doing then go right ahead. As we said there really aren’t too many requirements, but what matters is spreading the word about online safety and how to get VPNs to as many people as possible.

Make It Personal


While you don’t have to be an expert in VPN technology to become a successful affiliate, you do have to believe in the cause, which is enhanced online privacy for all users, reclaiming security and safety in the digital world. The best way to reach others is to make the campaign or a post personal and honest. We don’t expect overly “corporate” statements and posts from this affiliate program. We want to hear personal stories and we want to engage as many people as possible. So don’t shy away from sharing your personal viewpoint and experiences about why you think this is an important campaign – it will engage more people and will eventually lead to higher rewards through the BlufVPN affiliate program as well.

As you see here, we don’t have strict guidelines for affiliates to follow. This is because we want to see your personal stories, stories from people who believe in the cause and want to make the internet safer by informing the users about the potential dangers of surfing the web without protection and how having a VPN is a first and crucial step towards ensuring the online security for average internet users.

But we want to make the process easy for affiliates and make sure that participating in the campaign doesn’t turn into a chore. This is why we took care of the visual part of the campaign at least partially, so it wouldn’t disadvantage some users who don’t work with graphics design and we are giving the affiliate as much freedom as possible when it comes to the route they take for promoting BlufVPN. Just keep in mind that you are not restricted to only certain platforms and that users always appreciate an honest, personable story more than an official statement. Good Luck!

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