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Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are an amazing tool to reclaim privacy online and protect your personal information from all kinds of snoopers on the internet. This is why we want to do our part to share this great tool with as many people as possible. BlufPartners is a simple and fun way to spread the word about BlufVPN and get rewards and prizes in return.

What is BlufVPN?

It is extremely easy for your internet service provider or an experienced hacker to see what you are doing online, including what you are looking at on the internet or what you are buying. They can even see your IP address and other personal information and all that, without you even noticing a thing!

There is a lot that can be done with this kind of sensitive information. Some may sell that data to companies that want to better market their products to you. Others may use this information to better advertise political parties and leaders on your social media feed while others may try to hack into your accounts or gain access to your online banking systems. There is a lot that can go wrong when you choose to browse the web without any sort of protection and encryption.

A VPN encrypts your network connection by rerouting your connection through a secure tunnel. BlufVPN is a VPN service with over 500 servers around the world. When you want to surf the web safely and encrypt your connection all you have to do is connect to one of the servers offered through BlufVPN. You only have to download the app into the device of your choice and then connect to one of BlufVPN’s servers, your connection will be safe from anyone trying to gain access to your network connection.

What is BlufPartners?

BlufPartners is a system that benefits all participants. We made it a point to make the process easy to understand and accessible for everyone. You can join the competitions and win various prizes while also serving a great cause – making the digital world safer and more accessible.

You too can become a BlufPartners affiliate by simply promoting BlufVPN in any way possible. We leave it up to you! Our affiliate marketing vpn program encourages you to get creative and have fun with the promotions, there really aren’t any limits on what you can do. The goal is to make sure that as many people as possible hear about BlufVPN, all the benefits that VPNs can provide for everyday internet users, and what they’re actually risking when surfing the web without any sort of protection. The top affiliates, the ones who will draw the most users to BlufVPN’s services will win exciting prizes.

Our commitment to making BlufPartners accessible to everyone is why our campaign is global. We know first-hand how annoying the geographical limitations imposed on communication and content can be. So we’ve made it our priority to have nothing resembling geo-blocks here! No matter where you are, you can become a BlufPartner.

If you think this may a bit much to organize and handle on your own – don’t worry, we have thought about that too! Each and every BlufPartner affiliate will get a dedicated account manager, so you will never feel like you are alone in this. We are proud of our team of experienced affiliate account managers who will assist you with everything you might need to promote Blufpartners and reach a wide audience. Just one of the reasons why BlufPartners is the best vpn affiliate program.

It only takes 20 seconds to become an affiliate, since we’ve made the process as simple as possible for our future partners. After you sign up you will get a unique shareable link and you can start promoting BlufVPN right away. The commission will follow as soon as you get your first sign-up.

To keep our affiliates engaged and excited to promote BlufVPN, we will host bi-weekly/monthly raffles. Themes and topics will vary from each time and we will announce them at the beginning of the month, along with the prize pool.

When it comes to getting creative with it, we have already done some groundwork for our affiliates. Unlike most vpn affiliate programs, BlufVPN has a range of artwork that can help you promote the BlufVPN and to make it more personal. We have four unique characters, each highlighting one of the qualities that we love about BlufVPN. These characters are eye-catching, fun and can definitely help you grab the attention of your audience.

When someone clicks on the link you’ve shared on your Facebook page, in a Twitter post, your website or etc, a cookie will get set on his/her browser so we can track any current and future purchases at BlufVPN. When the said visitor registers our BlufVPN website and buys a subscription plan, the sale is registered to your affiliate account and you receive a commission. Now let’s discuss the finances.

How Much Will I Earn Through BlufPartners?

BlufPartners offers fast payouts, in fact, we have the highest commission on the vpn affiliate market! We don’t take out affiliates for granted, ever. We know how much work it is to promote a product and we will reward the efforts accordingly. This is why with us, you will start earning money as soon as users begin purchasing BlufVPN from our website. This is what makes BlufPartners the best vpn affiliate system around.

Through our secure tracking system, none of the users you bring to BlufVPN will go unnoticed, you will earn commission on every single order.

We have a well-set out commission plan for all our participants. Within the first month of becoming a BlufPartner, you will receive a 100% commission of all new sign-ups and 50% of renewals. With our 6 month plan, you will receive 50% of the new sign-ups and then 40% of the renewal. Our 1-year plan gets you 50% of new sign-up and then 40% renewals. We also have 2-year and 3-year plans where the rates are the same, 50% of new sign-ups and 40% of all renewals.

We are also offering CPA deals so if you are interested, feel free to contact our affiliate team.

Fast Payouts. Highest Commissions!

Join now and earn money by promoting one of the best VPN services.

Become an Affiliate in BlufPartners

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